How to Pay BDO Credit Card Using GCash?

Digital wallets make life easy because you can pay your bills, purchase things online, and also transfer money to others at your place. Like these BDO also allows you to make their payments through GCash. How to Pay BDO Credit Card Using GCash? it’s not complex you can easily pay your BDO Credit Card Bills.

Can I Pay a BDO Credit Card Using Gcash?

The answer is yes and the complete details are given. To pay the BDO credit card using GCash becomes easy and simple with these steps;

STEP 1: Access the GCash App

  • If you are a GCash user then you must have a GCasp App so open it on your mobile.
  • If you don’t have a GCash app then download it from the Play Store or Apple Store. And register your account on the GCash App.

Access GCash App

STEP 2: Navigate to Bill Category

  • On the home screen of the app click on “Pay Bills” and under the biller category choose the “Credit Cards” option.


STEP 3: Choose BDO Credit Card Type

  • On the credit card page choose the type of your BDO credit card. For your BDO American Express card choose “BDO AMEX” and for your BDO Master Card or Visa Card choose “BDO MC/VISA”.


STEP 4: Provide Credit Card Details

  • Now you are on the “Pay Bills” page.
  • You have to provide some credit information.
  • These include the; Credit Card Number, Amount, and Email.
  • Now press the “Next” button to continue.


STEP 5: Confirm Details

  • Now you are on the confirmation page. Review the details of your payment and ensure your credit card number is accurate. Then press the “Confirm” button to proceed with the payment.


STEP 6: Successful Transaction

  • You receive a congratulatory message that confirms your BDO Credit Card bills are successfully paid by GCash.
  • Within 3 business days, your payment is posted on your account.
  • A confirmation message is also sent to you on your email and message.
  • Save the reference number for the BDO transaction verification.
  • Press the “Done” button and go back to the main dashboard.


STEP 7: Receive Bill Receipt by Email

  • The receipt of your successful transaction is sent to you in your email. Open your email that confirms the transaction with the bill receipt. Save it for later use.


STEP 8: Verification through BDO

  • You can also verify your payment through the BDO app or web portal by logging into your account.
  • If your BDO credit card payment is not visible, then call on BDO Customer Service Hotline number 1800-10-631-8000 or email at [email protected] with the subject.

Besides this, you can also pay your BDO credit card bill through the BDO online banking or by BDO Saving Account. In addition, people cannot just pay BDO as well they can load Satlite using GCash.


  • Paying the credit card bills before the due date helps to save you from extra charges.
  • Either it’s your BDO credit card bill or some other bill you must have to pay on time.
  • Otherwise, you have to pay the bills with extra charges too that may be difficult for you.
  • Now you can pay for it easily at your place and without wasting any time.
  • BDO allows you to pay bills through the GCash even if you don’t have a BDO online banking system.

Note: For people who are interested in paying a BDO Credit Card bill but its have not a GCash account then don’t worry. Today read how to make GCash account instructions and pay bills.

Online BDO credit card bill payment doesn’t demand any online banking because now it’s possible due to GCash wallet. You can pay your BDO CC bill easily through GCash by using your credit number. The other important requirement is enough credit in your wallet. So before paying the BDO credit card bill make sure you have enough credit to avoid any problem.

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