Legit App To Earn Money In Philippines Thru Gcash

In the Philippines, many apps claim that they pay you through GCash. But in reality, many of them are fake and few are genuine that pay you. We have found some Legit App to Earn Money in the Philippines Thru GCash as well if you are a resident of the Philippines. These apps are currently working and you can easily find them on the Play Store.

Legit Earning App Gcash

Choose any one of them and stay safe from any fraud. The apps are as follows;


It’s the best app in the Philippines that facilitates their user with the GCash. The Buzzbreak users just have to perform basic tasks like newspaper reading, watching videos and memes, playing games, and completing offers. Besides these, you can also earn by referring it to your friends, family, and colleagues by your reference number. So Download the app, create your account, and earn by using the app. Your use and reference increase your GCash that appears in their Budget.

Legit App to Earn Money in the Philippines


Kumu is one of the apps that offer you the funniest way of earning. You can earn by streaming, chatting, and being yourself. Use a mobile phone to create your content and start steaming. As your steams become viral you receive virtual gifts. These are not just emojis and icons because these are diamonds in the app that are converted into cash. When you collect 50,000 diamonds then it converts into P 750. Get details about Non-Verified GCash User.

These are increased timely with the increase of your app use. This is not enough here because Kumu also arranges the quiz games. By using your knowledge of Filipino culture and traditions you can win the game. You can also win the prize pot of about 1 million dollars. If you like earning with fun then it’s for you.


It is not an app. It’s a website that’s not only worked in the Philippines but is also accessible all over the world. Like the name, work is also the same. You can tou complete the survey to Earn Money. Multiple choices of the survey are available there. Choose a survey of your choice and interest then complete it and earn 1 USD  against each survey.


Linkinpay is also a survey app like Surveytime with a minor difference. Survey time is available to everyone all over the world but Linked In is available to Philippines people. The app contains a large number of forms with many categories. You have to just pick one of them and fill it. You get a reward against every survey.


Clickworker is a free application that is easily available. You can get it from the Google Play Store and Apple Store too. This app allows you to Earn by uploading various pictures and videos. By this, you get your reward in Euros. This is a simple and easy way of earning. Also check the procedure of how to transfer payment from gcash to maya.


Paymama is also the best and most trustworthy application. You can earn by referring the Paymaya to others. There is no other way of earning through Paymaya. You just have to refer it to your friends, family, colleagues, etc. Every referral who uses the app must win P 50. You can also earn by referring others. Besides these Paymaya is a virtual wallet by which you pay bills, do online shopping, and many more.


It’s a different app than the other because all these apps pay you for viewing videos and pictures, reading newsletters, referring the app to others, etc. Snapcart demands for the receipt picture. Whenever you buy something take your bill, capture its picture, and upload it. Snapcart is a marketing comcheck that checks your receipt and matches the sale according to their Snapcart marketing. If any user or customer buys such products that are marketed by Snapcart.  Then the customer enjoys the GCash benefits


Like the name of the app, its features also force you to say wow. Because you can earn by various ways even from small task too. You can earn by following these ways;

  • By watching videos.
  • By installing an app.
  • You can earn a reward after reaching a certain level in the game.
  • By purchasing things through its UBI Wallet, win cashback rewards.
  • Win rewards by calling through the wow app.
  • Wow app has a store too. Purchasing from there can also benefit you.

Trash Cash

It’s an environment-loving app. You can get a reward for throwing trash for the recycling and dropping it at the nearest collection center. You have to serve the environment and win the points. These points are used in local restaurants and retail shops.

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