How to Earn Money in GCash?

Digital wallets are very popular these days and everyone prefers them because carrying cash is more difficult than these wallets. You also hear about GCash earning but How to Earn Money in GCash? This app is not only limited to saving money, online transactions, billing and shopping, etc. Now you can also earn money from it.

Gcash Earn Money Guidelines

The first and most important thing is that your account must be verified before start earning. There are many ways of earning money in GCash some of them are as follows;

Invite Family and Friends to join GCash

You can also earn by inviting friends and family members. For every successful referral, you earn P 50. GCash allows you to refer 25 people monthly which means you get a chance to earn nearly P 1,250. You can easily earn by sharing your referral code as an SMS, or QR Code by messaging.

How to Earn Money in GCash?

Earn Money in GCash by Playing Games

Due to the crowd of gaming GCash now introduces games that are based on a play-to-earn strategy. Goama and MGames are two platforms of games by which we earn too. Goama players have to pay a fee of P 15 for each game tournament and it also grants unlimited play for 7 days to improve the gaming rank. MGames also demands an initial fee of P 15 for each tournament.

After encountering the tournament you can earn a prize of P 1,000 or more. Most games have a conversion of 100 coins to P1. So if you earn 1,000 coins daily then you earn P 10 daily and weekly it becomes P 70. In this way, you can nearly earn P 300 per month by just playing games. Get details about How to Pay NBIUsing GCash?

Sell Prepaid Load

You can also earn by selling your prepaid loan. You have to just transfer the load to the other users with a margin of 3 to 5 pesos. Open the GCash app, navigate to “Buy Load” then follow the process, and transfer the load. Suppose you set a margin of P5 on each load and you sell 30 loads it means you earn P 140 daily and monthly it becomes P 4,500. So it’s like a small business.

Collect Cashback Vouchers

We think spending money means losing money. But it’s not always true because sometimes you also earn by spending money too. GCash offers you cash-back rewards. GCash gives you cash-back vouchers for super stores, cinemas, drugstores, etc. with a rate of 1% cash-back. If you roughly calculate and say we almost spent P 1,000 on cash-back transactions. Then we stately earn P100 monthly.

Maximize Saving with GSave

You can also earn by saving you money. GSave by CIMB is the best way of saving money with increasing funds. Every Year you earn a handsome interest of 2.6%. An account that accommodates P 5.5 million (nearly 100,000 USD) after applying the interest rate this account’s yearly earning is almost P 173,000 (around 3,100 USD). So you can earn an attractive amount by saving too.

Register for GFunds

You can register a GFund account with trust fees of 1.75% annually. The user of GFund can easily invest in Professional Money Management for just P 50. The fund types are two that are; Unit Investment Trust Funds (UITF) and Equity Funds (FU). UITF gather your invested money with others and then invest it for different assets whereas Equity Funds mainly invest your invested money in Stocks.

Win Lucky Load Weekly Draw

You can also earn by participating and winning the lucky draws. You can not only earn by selling load but also earn by loading the GCash Account. You get a chance to win P 100,000 from the Lucky Load Weekly Draw with each purchase of P 50 load. If no one wins for a few consecutive weeks then the price pot accumulates and your chance of winning also increases.

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