How to Pay BIR thru GCash?

Every resident of the Philippines either a businessman, entrepreneur, or belongs to any profession must pay the tax. BIR the Bureau of Internal Revenue receives these taxes. You can pay these taxes online on time through your GCash wallet. You can get the answer to How to Pay BIR thru GCash? by just staying here and following the instructions.

BIR Payment GCash

GCash is the biggest platform from which people can make different payments. Same as it, today get info about BIR Payment

STEP 1: Follow these steps to pay BIR thru GCash;


STEP 2: Pick your smartphone and access your GCash app.

Pick your smartphone and access your GCash app

STEP 3: Make sure you have enough money in GCash to pay BIR

Make sure you have enough money in GCash to pay BIR

STEP 4: On the home screen tab “Pay Bills”.

Pay Bills

STEP 5: On the Pay Bills page tap “Government” under the Categories.


STEP 6: Scroll down for “BIR” or search for it by typing BIR in the search bar.

  1. A form opens after tapping the “BIR”.
  2. Fill in the fields like;
    • Choose “Form Series” from the drop-down menu.
    • Enter the “Return Period” by following the MMDDYY format.
    • Enter the 9-digit “TIN (Tax Identification Number)”
    • Enter the “Branch Code” which is 5 digits.
    • Enter the amount in PHP.
    • Enter your email if you want otherwise it’s optional.
  3. Review your details to avoid any errors.
  4. Press the “Confirm” button.
  5. Your payment receipt is in front of you. Take a screenshot, save it, and download it too.



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Types of BIR Form Series that can be Paid through GCash

The BIR Form series is mainly categorized into the following types but they carry other subcategories too.

  • 0600 Form Series includes Payment for Income Tax, Deficiency Tax, Deposits, Delinquency Tax, Registration Fees, Advance Payments, Penalties, Advance Payment, and Installment Payments.
  • 1600 Form Series includes Remittance Payment.
  • 1700 Form Series refer to Income Tax Return)
  • 1800 Form Series refers to the Transfer Tax Return
  • 2000 Form Series refers to DST (Documentary Stamp Tax) Declaration or Return.
  • 2200 Form Series refers to Excise Tax Return.
  • 2500 Form Series refers to Percentage Tax and VAT.

Key Features of Online BIR Payments

The following are the key features of making BIR payments Online through GCash;

  • Convenient and Accessible

It is the most convenient and flexible way of paying BIR tax. It doesn’t matter where you are and when to do so. You can pay for your BIR tax easily from your place by using your GCash wallet. It can be done in some simple and easy steps at any point in a few seconds.

  • Fast and Easy

The process is very simple and easy. Every GCash user can pay their BIR tax from the GCash app by navigating to Bills > Government > BIR.  It takes a few seconds and your payments are done effortlessly. Because the application and the process are simple and easy.

  • Safe and Secure

GCash only allows its verified users to make transactions, pay bills, and transfer funds to others. And the non-verified users cannot do so. It ensures the security of your transactions. You can safely and securely pay your BIR payments without any restriction or time wasting.

  • Save from Penalties

Sometimes we are too busy and forget to pay the tax. Our deadlines are too near and we can’t pay it by even visiting the nearest franchise. Resultant we pay it with penalties. So we can pay it online through the use of our GCash wallet and save ourselves from penalties. You get proof of your payment too.

  • Save Time and Focus on Business

The manual payment of bills and taxes demands time and effort. If you are the owner of a business or busy in your business, then you never want to waste your time and think about some better solution. Almost every Philippines holds a GCash account so they can easily make their payments through it and then focus on the business.

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