PhilHealth Online Registration Guide

PhilHealth is the National Health Insurance Program that facilitates the Philippians and other foreign residents of the Philippines. They just need to enrol and get their PhilHealth Identification Number (PIN). Online registration is beneficial for everyone because they can easily submit their forms from their position without wasting the visiting time of the PhilHealth office and then waiting for form submission in long lines. Even you can submit your PhilHealth registration form if you are far from the PhilHealth branch. It’s free of cost and everyone who lives in the Philippines can register for it.

Philhealth Online Registration New Member

The manualregistration of the PhilHealth application is a bit tricky but the online registration is easier than that. This PhilHealth Online Registration Guide helps you to understand the process.

Note: Before applying you must check the required documents for different categories which are given below.

  1. Visit PhilHealth Website

Go to the official website of PhilHealth by clicking on the link now go to “Online Services” by clicking on it.

  1. Navigate to Registration

Now under the “Membership” tab click the “Register” button. Wait a few seconds a new window pops up.

  1. Terms and Conditions of PhilHealth

Now you are on the Electronic Registration page of PhilHealth. Click on the “Proceed” button. A popup window appears with all the PhilHealth Terms and Conditions. Read them carefully and then press the “Accept” button.

  1. Fill out the form

In a few seconds, a new page opens. Enter yourall requiredinformation correctly. The form may include your Personal Information, Contact Details, Guardian Information, Dependents Information, and information aboutthe membership category. At the upload of the required documents.

  1. Supporting Documents

Now it’s time to upload the supporting documents which include the ID card or birth certificate, passport or driving license, etc. Scan all these documents one by one and save them in PDF, JPEG, and PNG format. Then upload it one by one.

  1. Review Before Proceeding

Review all the information that you entered so that it becomes accurate and you don’t face any problems in the future.

  1. Captcha Code

You have to enter the captcha code for security and verification purposes. If the code is not eligible then press the refresh button. And re-enter it again.

  1. Submission and Checkbox Verification

Checkboxes verify that all the information you entered is correct and accurate. Verify the checkboxes by ticking it. After this click on the “Submit Registration” button.

  1. Wait for Confirmation

Your application is successfully registered and now it’s time to wait for the email that confirms the completion of registration. Get information about transfer money from PayPal to Gcash.

PhilHealth Registration Guide

Requirements Online Registration

For the submission of any application, you must have to fulfil some requirements. The PhilHealth Registration Requirements are as follows;

  • Two copies of the filled PhilHealth Member Registration Form (PMRF).
  • Two latest ID Pictures of 1×1.
  • Two valid IDs.

Other than these the requirements matter from group to group.

PhilHealth SSS Pensioners Requirements

  • Two copies of death, disability, and retirement(DDR) documents with the respective dates.
  • Copy of Pensioner Certificate (Retiree) that indicates the retirement date.

Requirements for GSIS Pensioners

  • Copy of Retirement Approval Letter or Certificate with the retirement date.
  • Copy of Employer Service Record that must be 120 or more months.
  • Copy of Employer Certificate or Retirement Gratuity that indicates the service of 120 or more months.
  • Copy the Retirement Voucher that is issued by the GSIS.

Requirements for Uniformed Personnel of AFP, PNP, BJMP, and BFP

  • Copy of General, Special, or Bureau Order with respective date.
  • Copy of Certificate or Approval Letter of Retirement from GSIS – minimum 120 months’ services.
  • Copy of Service Statement issued by Previous employee – minimum 120 months’ service.

Requirement for SSS Permanent Total Disability Pensioner/ GSIS Disability Pensioner

  • Copy of death, disability, and retirement (DDR) documents with the respective pension and retirement dates.
  • Copy of Disability Pensioner Certificate from SSS/GSIS that indicates the pension date or coverage period of disabled pensioner indication.

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