How to Pay NBI Using GCash?

NBI is the main issue for many citizens of the Philippines. Whether you are planning to go abroad or apply for a job, you must have the NBI clearance. But How to Pay NBI Using GCash is the basic question. Because many of the Philippines use GCash wallet for their transactions. So it’s a few-minute process that you can easily follow and clear your NBI.

Step By Step Guide To How to Pay NBI Clearance using GCash?

NBI is the National Bureau of Investigation of the Philippines that ensures the character of the person if he/she is not involved in any crime. It is a 6-month process. You have to apply with your ID, license passport, etc. After 6 months your ID is renewed. Now it has become easy for GCash because you can apply and pay for NBI without leaving the place. Follow the steps to Pay NBI Using GCash;

STEP 1: Install the GCash App

People who use Android or Apple smartphones now download the GCash app and further complete the installation.


STEP 2: Log In with MPIN

After installation, open the GCash app and give the correct MPIN number for authentication. Without an MPIN number, no one can enter the App.


STEP 3: Find the “Pay Bill” option

On the dashboard, different options will show on your screen and people need to find the Pay bill option. Basically, the NBI option exists under the Pay Bill category.


STEP 4: Search “NBI”

Due to a lot of billing companies people are worried when they find NBI for dues clearance. So, on the upper side, the search bar is available and you need to write just “NBI”. The option will show along with the NBI official Logo.


STEP 5: Select NBI

When you search NBI in a bar then you will click on the desired option. The complete payment form will show on your screen.


STEP 6: Reference Number

When the form shows on the screen you will enter the “Reference number” which was generated at the time of appointment from NBI.


STEP 7: Enter Amount

After giving the NBI Reference number, enter the amount which you want to pay.


STEP 8: Click on Next

After filling in all required fields, click on the “Next” option. Your payment amount will be deducted from your GCash account.


STEP 9: Paid Slip

System-generated digital slip will show on the screen. You can download or take a print for proof of payment and record.


Verify the Payment from NBI Portal

After paying NBI payment via GCash people can verify from the official portal of NBI. Follow the below instructions.

  • The first open official web portal of NBI.
  • Enter Username and Password.
  • The dashboard will show on the screen.
  • Click on Payment Option.
  • If you have paid the amount then the proper Payment status will show “Paid” otherwise show “Unpaid”.

Why do you have to use GCash to Pay NBI Clearness?

There are serval reasons for using GCash for paying NBI Clearness;

  • You are a GCash User.
  • GCash is user-friendly.
  • GCash Transactions are easy.
  • It charges only P25 for NBI.


Can I pay my NBI Clearance using GCash?

Yes, you can pay your NBI Clearance using GCash by following the steps in the GCash app under the “Pay Bills” section.

How can I pay my NBI Clearance online?

To pay your NBI Clearance online, use the GCash app. Log in, go to “Pay Bills,” search for “NBI,” enter your reference number and payment amount, and then confirm the payment.

How to pay with reference number GCash?

In the GCash app, go to “Pay Bills,” search for “NBI,” select it, enter your reference number, input the payment amount, and confirm the transaction.

How much to pay for NBI Clearance in GCash 2024?

The fee for NBI Clearance in 2024 is PHP 130 for the clearance plus a PHP 25 e-payment service fee, totaling PHP 155.

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