GCash Fee and Charges 2024

Every GCashuser must want to know all the fees and charges against the traction so that they never be confused in all these. Here are all the details of Gcash fee and charges that you have to pay when cash in, cash out or transfer money. Some of the GCash transactions are free of cost but some services charge a fee. GcashWallet is a mostly used wallet in the Philippines. No need to carry heavy cash with you because GCash pay your charges whenever you have to pay. Whenever we have to pay extra charges against any transactions then we always try to switch from that way. GCash mostly offers you free transactions except few. It may charge the bank withdrawal charges but fund transfers are free of cost.

Gcash Charge Fee

Here is GCashCash in Transaction Fees;

  • Cash in from the Bank through Mobile Banking or Online Banking charges are free to P50 depending on the bank.
  • Charges of CashInfrom BPI bank account by GCash App is P5.
  • In the Gcash App, Linked Union Bank Account cash-in charges are P5 or free.
  • In the GCash App, cash in from a remittance partner doesn’t have any fee.
  • PayPal Cash is also free of cost.
  • If the Cash in from an over-the-counter outlet is below the monthly cash-in limit then it’s free of cost otherwise it charges 2% of cash in amount.
  • BDO to GCash charges P25.
  • DBP to GCash charges P10.

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GCash Fees and Charges 2024

If you are cashing in from the banks then link your GCash to your BPI or Union Bank Accounts. In this way, you are free from any type of transaction fee.

GCash Cash Out Fees

GCashamounts us cash put from these outlets and ATMs. These charges are as follows;

  • Cash Out through over-the-counter outlets charges 2% of the amount that is cash out.
  • Cash-out or withdraw the GCashamount from the bank charge P15.
  • GCash ATM withdrawal charges P10 TO P18.
  • GCash ATM withdrawal from outside the Philippines charges are P150.

GCashSend Money Fees

A GCash user who sends money to other users by bank or GCash has to pay these fees;

  • Send money by Express is free.
  • Send money by AngPao is free of cost.
  • Send money via Send with a Clip is also free.
  • Send Money to Maya or other wallets charge P15.
  • Send Money to Cash Padala charges are P5 or free.
  • KKB or request money is also cost-free.

GCashBill Payment Fees

Bill payments for GCashbills depend on the billers. Some of them are the following;

  • Billers with fixed fee charges are sometimes free and sometimes charge up to P60.
  • Biller with percentage-based fees charges 2% of the Bill.

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GCredit Fees

If you want to borrow some loan from GCash then this is the list of interest and penalty Gcash fee;

  • Within the billing period,the interest fee is 3% to 5%.
  • After the due date, the penalty fee for an unpaid loan of 1 to 30 days is P200.
  • After the due date, the penalty fee for an unpaid loan of 31 to 60 days is P500.
  • After the due date, the penalty fee for unpaid loans61 to 90 days is P900.
  • After the due date, the penalty fee for an unpaid loan of 90 or more days is P1,500.

Load Convenience Fees

The load convenience fee is added with all the telco and mobile purchases due to the transaction cost increment.

  • If the load value of smart products is below PHP 99 then the convenience fee is PHP 2.
  • The load value of the smart product is PHP 99 or above then the convenience fee is PHP 3.

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