How to Load SatLite Using GCash?

If you want to enjoy international and local channels, then SatLite is a payable TV service in the Philippines that offers both channels. In the post, we are going to discuss How to Load SatLite Using GCash. So now there is no need to stand in line for the payment of cable bills. GCash and SatLite are the best choices. You can make online payments for your SatLite by GCash app to run it smoothly. If your GCash app has money, then you can easily make any payment.

How To Load Satlite? Complete Guide

Today activate their new bundle of Satlite through Gcash which is too easy and every step is described with proper details. Follow the below instructions and easily load their SatLite.

STEP 1: Log in to the GCash App:

  • Open your Gcash app and log in to your account. After login search the “Buy Load” icon and then click the icon.

Login to the GCash App

STEP 2: Enter SatLite Receiver Number:

  • Stay on the Buy Load Page to the load receiver number of your satellite. Then press the next button.

Enter SatLite Receiver Number

STEP 3: Find PAYTV icon:

  • Find the “PAYTV” icon by swiping the screen. Then click on it and choose “Satellite Load 99” from the list. Now press the “Next” button.

Find PAYTV icon

STEP 4: Tap on Pay PHP 99.00:

  • After pressing the next button now you are on the “Payment” page. Continue the payment process by pressing “Pay php 99.00” and your payment is done.

Tap on Pay PHP 99.00

STEP 5: Successful Payment:

  • After successful payment, you receive a message with your PIN and Serial Number from the GCash app.

Successful Payment

STEP 6: Send SatLite Account No to 5353

  • After successfully implanting all steps now send a message to 5353 like this: SATLITE “add EPIN” “add account no” and send it. The message is like; SATELITE 12345678902586 12345678. Here;


  • SATELITE is the keyword
  • 12345678902586 is the 14-digit PIN that the GCash app provides you
  • 12345678 is your SatLite Account Number.

Send SatLite Account

STEP 7: Confirmation Message:

  • The last and tough step is waiting. Now it’s time to wait for the confirmation of transaction from 5353. After that, your SatLite channels return until you have to wait.

Confirmation Message

This is detailed information about Load SatLite. If you do have not a Gcash Card option then today first make and then recharge.

How to Load SatLite Using Pin Online?

Follow these steps to load SatLite by using the online pin;

Open the Link:

Enter Prepaid Account Number:

  • Under the Prepaid Account Number box enter your “Prepaid Account Number”.

Enter EPIN

  • Enter the EPIN or Cignal Reload Card under the “Pin” box.

Retype Characters:

  • Now retype the characters of the above-displayed image. If you don’t understand then click “Generate New Image” and retype it.

Submit and Confirmation

  • After clicking on submit button you receive a confirmation message.

SatLite Packages

The serval packages of SatLite are;

“Tingi Load”

These packages are best for 3 days. The packages are;

Load Channel
10 24
15 39
25 46

“Regular Load”

These packages are best for 30 days. The packages are;

Load Channels
48 24
99 39
199 46
299 51

What is SatLite?

It is a paid Television or TV service linked with Cignal TV and is mostly popular in the Philippine market.  Some of the benefits of SatLite are;

  • It is budget-friendly.
  • It’s a good upgrade from TV with many channels.
  • Buying a TV box or SatLite Dealers at Cignal is best.
  • You get premium channels according to subscription.
  • You can enjoy many channels by just subscribing to the least packages P44 or P99 a month.

Is there a way to contact SatLite?

You can also contact the SatLite for any query in these ways;

For inquiring
  • (02) 8888-5555
  • 0949 997 7600 up to 7603,
  • or 0917 658 5555.
Existing Customers Call (02) 88-888-222 for the Greater Manila Area or call on provisional Toll-Free number #88222.
Hotline Text Number 4681 8222
Email [email protected]

Today open the GCash app and activate their SatLite. Some audiences who ready to use the first time now asking for GCash Charges which are reasonable and it is available.

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