How to Cash Out GCash?

GCash is a mobile wallet that you can easily carry without managing cash. Mostly we load money to our GCash account which is known as Cash In. But sometimes we also need to take the money out of our GCash wallet this is called Cash Out. Here a question arises in our mind How to Cash Out GCash? You can cash out the GCash at convenience Stores, super stores like Pawnshop, SM Store, Family Mart, etc.

GCash is an effective way of carrying money. The GCash money can be cashed out in these ways;

Complete Method GCash Cash Out

People who recently activated their GCash account now they can now look complete process of the GCash out method.

STEP 1: Locate a GCash Partner Outlet

  • Find the nearest GCash Partner Outlet. These include popular establishments like Globe Stores, Puregold, Robinsons Business Centers, SM Business Centers, and other authorized partners.

Locate a GCash Partner Outlet

STEP 2: Visit the Outlet

  • Go to the selected GCash Partner Outlet.

Visit the Outlet

STEP 3: Inform the Cashier

  • Tell the cashier that you want to cash out from your GCash wallet.

Inform the Cashier

STEP 4: Provide Your GCash Mobile Number

  • Give the cashier your GCash mobile number.

Provide Your GCash Mobile Number

STEP 5: Specify the Cash-Out Amount

  • Let the cashier know the amount you wish to cash out.

Specify the Cash-Out Amount

STEP 6: Present a Valid ID Card

  • Show the cashier a valid ID for identity verification.

Present a Valid ID Card

STEP 7: Receive Confirmation Message

  • Shortly after providing the necessary details, you will receive a confirmation message from GCash on your mobile phone.

Receive Confirmation Message

STEP 8: Confirm the Transaction

  • Confirm the cash-out transaction by sending the One-Time Password (OTP) received in the confirmation message.

Confirm the Transaction

STEP 9: Collect Your Cash

  • After successfully confirming the transaction, the cashier will give you the cash.

Collect Your Cash

Where to Cash Out?

Over the Counter Cash Out has the following partner outlets;

  • Convenience Store
    • Family Mart
  • Pawnshop
    • PeraHUB
    • Tambunting
    • Villarica
    • Jaro Pawnshop
  • Supermarket
    • Puregold
  • Payment Facilities
    • ExpressPay
    • TrueMoney
    • Possible
  • Department Stores
    • SM Store
    • Robinsons

Withdraw by ATM

You can also cash out via ATM. GCash now introduces their Visa Card that you can use everywhere in the world. By using this visa card you can also cash out the GCash from any bank ATM. If you have a GCash Card then it’s great otherwise apply now and get your card. In addition, people can look process of the GCash change number which is offered by them.

GCash Withdrawal Limit

GCash ATM and partner outlet withdrawals have a limit. The limits are as follows;

  • The Daily Transaction Limit of GCash via ATM is PHP 40,000. But in a single transaction, you can get PHP 20,000.
  • The Daily Transaction Limit of GCash Partner Outlet is PHP 100,000 (outgoing) whereas PHP 500,000 is monthly incoming and monthly outgoing is PHP 0.

Cash Out Fee

  • If you cash out via an over-the-counter outlet Partners like Puregold, Robinsons, etc. GCash Fees charges PHP 20 on every withdrawal of PHP 1,000 or 2% of the amount.
  • If you cash out by GCash Cards from ATMs then you have to pay PHP10 to PHP 18 on every withdrawal. It may vary at different ATMs.
  • If you cash out by GCash Card from any International ATM then the cash-out fee is PHP 150 on each withdrawal.
  • GCash Card has a purchase fee of PHP 150 for every card. Whereas PHP 60 is the delivery fee.

You can save yourself from these withdrawal charges if you transfer your GCash money from the GSave Bank like CIMB. And also withdraw money from the same ATM. You can also ask for help from your friend if he agrees then send cash to his GCash wallet and you get money from him in cash.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How can I cash out my money from GCash?

A: You can easily cash out your money from your GCash wallet by visiting any of the GCash Partner Outlets and getting the money over the counter. Or Visit the ATM with your GCash Card and withdraw money easily just like the bank card withdrawal. Use any one method and cash out the GCash.

Q: How much is the cash-out fee for GCash?

A: GCash charges some fee on cash out too. Some of them are;

  • Over-the-counter withdrawals from Partner Outlet: PHP 20 on each PHP 1000.
  • Each Withdrawal by GCash Card from ATM: PHP 10 – PHP 18
  • Each Withdrawal by GCash Card from International ATM: PHP 150

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