How to Delete GCash Account?

Are you a user of GCash wallet and now want to Delete your account? But don’t know How to Delete the GCash Account. If you decide to delete it that means, there must be some reason behind it. GCash is a super fantastic way to keep the money saved but still, many of us want to Delete their accounts. Before deleting the GCash app you must have to prepare for it before. Then Delete your GCash account by submitting a support ticket or by sending an email to GCash.

Preparation for Deleting Account

The few steps of initial preparations are as follows;

  • Clear your Balance

When you are sure about the account deletion then clear your GCash Balance. You can transfer your funds to your bank account or other payment sources. Make sure your GCash App has zero balance.

  • Update Contact Information

Cross-check your contact details like phone number and email etc. Make sure that all your contact details are up to date because you receive notifications on those contacts during all these processes.

  • Cancel Automatic Payments

If your GCash account is linked to any automatic payment or subscriptions then cancel it. Because in this case, you may be charged unexpectedly.

How to Delete GCash Account?

Delete GCash Account | STEP by STEP Guides

To delete your GCash account, follow these steps:

Step 1: Prepare Identification Documents

  • Gather a copy of your Government-issued ID (e.g., NBI Clearance, SSS ID, UMID, Driver’s License, Passport). If your full name differs from the document or ID you submit, attach an additional document to confirm your identity, such as a marriage certificate, change of name deed, or statutory declaration.

Step 1

Step 2: Download the Account Deletion Request Form

  • Download and complete the Account Deletion Request Form.

Step 2

Step 3: Submit Deletion Request

Click here to file a request to delete your account. Attach the following documents:

  • Photo of your Government-issued ID (e.g., NBI Clearance, SSS ID, UMID, Driver’s License, Passport)
  • Completed Account Deletion Request Form.

Step 3


Step 4: For Authorized Representative Requests

If you’re requesting through an authorized representative:

  • Include an authorization letter stating that you authorize your representative to request account deletion on your behalf.
  • Attach a photo of the document used to confirm your representative’s identity.

Step 4

Step 5: Validation and Processing

The collected data will be used solely to validate your identity and process your account deletion request. Once the form is completed and your identity is validated, GCash will initiate the deletion process for your account.

Step 5

Please ensure that all steps are completed accurately to facilitate the smooth processing of your account deletion request. In addition, if you face invalid activity with their account then you can GCash Account report at any time.

Deactivation Period

GCash has a deactivation period. During this period if you change your mind then you can activate your account. Check the email for confirmation details and also for reactivation.

Sometimes people go abroad or move to another online banking channel then they want to close the previous account. Same as it many people using GCash but those who change their banking channel now looking GCash account deletion process which has been discussed above with complete details.

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