What Happens If I Send Money to A Non-Verified GCash User?

Most Philippines Residents use the GCash App for their routine transaction due to its multiple features. Some of the Philippines verify their account and some don’t verify them due to their reasons. It’s not as difficult as you think. What Happens If I Send Money to A Non-Verified GCash User? Don’t worry non-verified account has some limits but the user can get money after the account verification. Your send money is put on hold for the wait of account transaction. The recipient also gets a receiving message.

What Happens If I Send Money To A Non Verified Gcash User?

Sending and receiving money through GCash is common. But a problem arises if you send money to a non-verified GCash user. Maybe you don’t know about the account verification and send money. But now you are worried about it. So relax GCash doesn’t waste your money because they put it on hold until the account verification. The receiver just receives a message of transaction but gets it after verification. With this, you can also enjoy the multiple features of a verified account. Here is what happens if you send money to A non-verified GCash user;


After the transaction, a non-verified user can only get a notification that ensures money is transferred into your account.

What Happens If I Send Money to A Non-Verified

Funds on Hold

All the funds that are transferred to your non-verified account are put on hold. And you are not allowed to use it until the account verification. Gcash to paymaya payment transfer method is here.


For the verification of the GCash App you are required to provide your valid ID card. After the verification, you can access all the features and functions of the verified GCash App.

Limitations for Non-Verified GCash User

A Non-Verified GCash User has to face many limitations because it’s a basic account and the user faces some transaction restrictions. Some of these are as follows;

  • Allow offline Cash-ins, bill payments, mobile load, etc.
  • Payments are made by QR Code use.
  • AMEX Virtual Pay.
  • Non-verified users can send money to non-verified users only.
  • The maximum amount transaction limit is P 10,000.00 per month.


Can I Cash In Gcash Even Not Verified?

Yes, you can cash in on GCash even if you’re not verified, but there may be limitations on the amount you can cash in and the services you can access.

Unverified Gcash Can Receive Money?

Yes, unverified GCash accounts can still receive money, but there may be limitations on the amount and services available.

Unverified Gcash Can Send Money?

Yes, unverified GCash accounts can still send money, but with certain limitations.


Basically, sending money to someone on GCash who hasn’t been verified can be risky. Even though GCash is easy to use, you need to be careful when sending money to unverified accounts to avoid scams or losing your money. Checking the person’s identity makes it safer and reduces the chances of getting tricked or having unauthorized transactions. So, always be careful and follow security tips to stay safe when using GCash or similar digital payment platforms.

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