How to Apply GCash Card?

GCash is a prepaid debit card. Every verified user can apply and get their debit card easily. So make sure your account is verified before applying for a Card. You can enjoy multiple features of GCash by the card.

Gcash Card Order Step by Step Guide

If you have a GCash account then today avail card. People can do transactions via GCash card at any place. But right now majority of the people are unaware of how to apply for a card. The complete procedure is now detailed and discussed below.

STEP 1: Verification

  • Ensure that your “GCash Account” is fully verified. The GCash Card is only available to Fully Verified GCash users.

STEP 2: Access GCash Homepage

  • Open the “GCash app” and navigate to the homepage.

STEP 3: Tap Cards

  • On the homepage, locate and tap on the “Cards” option.

STEP 4: Order a GCash Card

  • Within the “Cards” section, select “Order a GCash Card.”

STEP 5: Select Card Type

  • Choose “Send me a Card” to proceed with ordering your GCash Card.

STEP 6: Review Account Information

  • Review the account information associated with your GCash account. Ensure it is accurate and up to date.

STEP 7: Complete Information

  • Fill out all the required information for ordering the GCash Card. This may include personal details and delivery address.

STEP 8: Payment

  • Once you have completed the necessary information, tap on “Next” and proceed to make the payment for the GCash Card.

STEP 9: Confirmation

  • After the payment is successful, a prompt will appear confirming that your GCash Card order has been successfully placed.

STEP 10: Delivery

  • Your GCash Card will be sent to the address provided during the order process.
  • Make sure the delivery details are accurate, as orders cannot be canceled once submitted.
  • GCash will send you SMS updates regarding the delivery status.

STEP 11: Wait for Delivery

  • Expect your GCash Card to arrive within 4-10 business days after placing the order.

Note: Keep in mind that selected eligible users may receive a voucher for the new GCash Card. Additionally, for GCash Jr. accounts, the parent, legal guardian, or other authorized individual is responsible for the Minor’s account and wallet. Must check gcash fee.

How to Apply GCash Card?

How To Avail Gcash Card?

GCash cards are also ordered on your doorstep if it is in the available service area. Each account has only one card and you get it easily if your account is completely verified. The information on the card is based on your provided information.

Your name is also printed on the card. You have to fill out the form and submit it with the fees. After the payment of the fee, your order is confirmed and now you can’t cancel it. Also, read the procedure of how to apply Philhealth?

How to get a GCash MasterCard?

GCash MasterCard is their older card and now you can’t get it. Now Visa card is introduced in place of MasterCard. Visa card is used internationally. The appearance of both cards is different. GCash MasterCard has all the details like the card number, expiry date, CVV, account number, etc. present on the card’s front side.

MasterCard doesn’t have the user name on the card. Whereas the Visa Card holds the user name on the front side of the card. The card number, expiry date, CVV, and account number are present on the back of the card. Also, read about how to cash out gcash?

GCash MasterCard orders were turned off several months ago and now only Visa card orders are accepted and delivered too.

Card Details

GCash cards are like ATM cards or debit cards that are linked with GCash Wallet or Account. The card is also convenient and secure so you can save your funds freely. You can use this card everywhere whether you are out of the country.

Advantages of The Card

GCash has the following few advantages;

  • You can withdraw your friends easily whenever you need it.
  • You can also purchase things without cashing out the money.
  • You can make online purchases easily.


How do I get a GCash card?

To get a GCash card, log in to your GCash app, go to the “Profile” section, select “My Linked Accounts,” and choose “GCash Card.” Follow the prompts to order your card.

How much is a GCash card?

The GCash card costs PHP 150, excluding delivery fees.

How many days can I get my GCash card?

You can expect to receive your GCash card within 10 business days after placing the order.

Can I buy a GCash card in 7-11?

No, you cannot buy a GCash card directly from 7-11. You need to order it through the GCash app.

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