How to Transfer GCash to Paymaya?

GCash and Paymaya are two online wallets that are mostly used in the Philippines for online transactions. These online transactions include paying bills, buying mobile loads, sending money to others, and many more online purchases. But How to Transfer GCash to Paymaya? This is the basic question of all those users who use both GCash and Paymaya Wallet. You can transfer funds easily from GCash to Paymaya and Paymaya to GCash too.

How to Send GCash to Paymaya

GCash and Paymaya are two different apps with similar functions. But some stores accept the GCash payment and some accept the Paymaya payments. So having both accounts is beneficial for online transactions. Sometimes we need to use a Paymaya account but it’s out of balance so you need to transfer funds from your GCash wallet to your Paymaya wallet. But How GCash to Maya transfer? Here few steps are defined that help you transfer your GCash amount to your Paymaya wallet;

Step 1: Open the GCash App

  • Locate the GCash app icon on your mobile device and tap it to open. Make sure you have the latest version of the GCash app installed for a seamless experience.

Open the GCash App

Step 2: Log In to Your GCash Account

  • Enter your GCash mobile number and password to log in.

Log In to Your GCash Account

Step 3: Access the Transfer Option

  • From the GCash home page, tap on the “Transfer” button.

Access the Transfer Option

Step 4: Open the Bank Transfer Page

  • On the “Bank Transfer” page, you will see a list of banks.

Open the Bank Transfer Page

Step 5: Find Maya Philippines, Inc. / Maya Wallet

  • Click on “View All” to see the complete list of banks. Scroll through the list or use the Search bar by typing “Maya” to quickly find “Maya Philippines, Inc. / Maya Wallet”.

Find Maya Philippines

Step 6: Select Maya Philippines, Inc. / Maya Wallet

  • Tap on the “Maya Philippines, Inc. / Maya Wallet” option. This action will take you to the transaction page where you will input the necessary details for the transfer.

Step 6

Step 7: Enter Required Information

  • Fill in the required fields: Amount, Account Name, and Account Number.
  • Amount
  • Account Name
  • Account Number
  • Email Address

Enter Required Information

Step 8: Press the Send Money Button

  • Tap the “Send Money” button to initiate the transaction. Ensure all the entered information is correct before proceeding.

Press the Send Money Button

Step 9: Confirm Transaction Details

  • On the “Bank Transfer Confirmation” page, review all the details you have entered. Verify the amount, account name, account number, and email address (if provided).

Confirm Transaction Details

Step 10: Confirm and Submit

  • If all details are accurate, press the “Confirm” button. A 6-digit code will be sent to your registered mobile number for verification.

Confirm and Submit

Step 11: Enter the 6-digit Code

  • Enter the 6-digit code received on your mobile number into the GCash app. Tap the “Submit” button after entering the code to finalize the transfer.

Enter the 6-digit Code


Important Note:

  • Must remember that you have also paid the transaction fee which is P 15.000. So before the transaction make sure that your account has an extra 15.00 pesos for any inconvenience.
  • Save the Reference No. and InstaPay Invoice No. to save yourself from any future problems. You can find it on your payment receipt.
  • You can get your payment receipt only if you enter your email address.
  • The money transaction details remain in the account to a limit after that they disappear so receipt is useful in this aspect.

How to Transfer GCash to Paymaya without Fee?

There are two ways to transfer funds from GCash to Paymaya without any fee;

  • Option 1: Indirect Transfer Via CIMB

For this, you must have a CIMB bank account. You have to transfer your GCash funds to CIMB (GSave Integration) and then transfer these funds to your Maya account (InstaPay). In this way, no fee is charged to you.

  • Option 2: Indirect Transfer Via BPI

If you have a BPI account, then this option is best for you. Transfer the funds from your GCash app to your BPI account (MySaveUp Integration) and then again transfer them from your BPI account to your Maya account (Linked Bank Account).

These two ways are a bit difficult and time-consuming but you can transfer your funds easily from GCash to Paymaya without any transaction fees.

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