What is GCash Reference Number?

On every transaction of GCash, we get a reference number but we don’t know What is GCash Reference Number. What is the use of reference number and how to find it? You get the answer to all these basic questions. The most important aspect of every GCash transaction is the Reference number. You can track your transactions. The reference number also ensures that the transaction is secure, convenient, smooth, and fast.

Gcash Reference Number

Every transaction of GCash is assigned a number that is unique and known as the reference number. The reference helps to track and verify your transaction. It ensures that your funds are correctly transferred. Reference numbers always make the process smooth and easier whether you are paying bills, making online transactions, or shopping.

How to use Reference Number?

The reference numbers are usually used when we transfer money to other users of GCash or the bank. The few other uses of GCash Reference Number are as follows;

  • To Make a Payment

On every transaction of GCash, a reference number of the transaction is assigned to you. This number is used to send it to the recipient as proof of your payment. You can share it directly with the recipient or by sharing the reference number on their web portal. Also read the  procedure of Gcash registration.

  • To Make a Transaction

If you are not sure about your transaction and want to track its status, then the reference number helps you a lot. You have to log in to your GCash Account, get the reference number for that transaction from the history, and then use it for tracking. By this, you can get all the relevant details of your transaction and status too.

  • To Resolve a Problem

If you are facing any problem with any transaction of GCash then you can track it easily. Besides this, you can also get help from the customer care services of GCash. you have to just call their customer care number and give them your transaction reference number. They will locate your transaction shortly and resolve the issue that you face.

How to find the Reference Number on Gcash?

How to find the Reference Number on Gcash?

You can easily find the reference number of your any transaction by following these steps;

  • Open your GCash app on your Android phone.
  • Go to your transaction history by tapping the “History” tab.
  • Find the transaction whose reference number you want.
  • View the details of the transaction by tapping on it.
  • Within the transaction details, you can get the reference number.

You can get the reference number of any transaction within a limited time. After that, you cannot find it in the history. If you need your old transaction reference number, then you must need to contact the GCash Customer Care Service.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Where can I find my GCash Reference Number?

A: You can find your GCash reference number in your transaction history tab. Your GCash history contains all your transaction details with the reference number and all other details. You have to just find your specific transaction and then you can get your reference number easily.

Q: How can I track my transactions in GCash?

A: You can easily track your transaction by the reference number. You have to open the GCash app and navigate to the transactions that are at the bottom of the app. Then go to transaction history and find the specific transaction whose status you want to track and click it to get all its details. In detail, you can also get the status of the transaction either transfer or not.

Q: What is a reference number?

A:A reference number is a unique number that is assigned to every transaction either its online payment or bank transfer. This reference number helps you to track your funds transfer status and help in solving any transaction problem.

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