How to Transfer Load to GCash?

GCash is one of the Philippines apps that they mostly use for their daily transactions. You can send and receive money, pay bills, buy loads, and many more. You may think is it possible to transfer load to GCash and if yes then How to Transfer Load to Gash? So the GCash load transfer is not possible now because it was blocked some years back in 2017 due to fraudulent transactions. Now it’s possible in various other ways like Globe Load and Smart Load etc.

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Transfer Load to Your GCash Account

You can transfer the load to the GCash app in two ways;

  • Globe Load to GCash (Share-A-Load).
  • Smart Load to GCash (Pasaload).

Besides these options, you can also transfer the load to GCash by app. However, it is impractical because the policies change and conversion fees increase.


To transfer load to GCash, ensure your Globe SIM registration is up to date, as unregistered SIM cards may not be eligible for such transactions.

How to Transfer Load to GCash?

Convert Globe Load to GCash

Globe load is a process of selling or transferring of load to another Globe or TM number. It is also known as Share-A-Load. Make sure that the payment is sent to your GCash account by the subscriber instead of a cash payment. For every Share-A-Load transaction, you have to pay P1. There are two ways to share-a-load that are as follows;

Share-a-Load via SMS

  • You can share the load with a pin and without a pin. The methods are as follows;

Share-a-Load via SMS

SMS with PIN

  • Pick up your mobile and open the messaging app.
  • Type the message; Amount <space> PIN and send it to 2 + Globe or TM number (10-digit).
  • For example; 80 6543 and send to 27654389542.
  • Where 80 is the amount 6543 is the PIN and 27654389542 is the TM or Globe number.

SMS with PIN

SMS without PIN

  • Open the messaging app on your mobile.
  • Type Amount <space> and send it to 2 + Globe or TM number.
  • For example; 50 send to 25789641365.
  • Here 50 is the amount, and 25789641365 is the Globe or TM number.

SMS without PIN

Now wait for the confirmation message that is sent to your mobile number. To proceed with the request reply YES. It will take 5 minutes and the load is transferred. Enjoy reading about How to Earn Money in GCash?

Share-a-Load via *143#

If you are going to share a load by the code (*143) then follow these steps;

  • Open the Dialer of your mobile phone and type *143#.
  • From the menu list choose “My Account” by typing “0”.
  • A list with further options opens now choose “Share-A-Load/Promo/MB” from the list and type “3” for it.
  • A further list of options appears. Choose one of these;
  • Share Load w/o pin.
  • Share Load w pin.
  • Share promo w/o pin.
  • Share promo w pin.
  • Now type the amount and recipient globe or TM number after replacing 0 with 2.

Converting Smart Load to GCash

The smart load is also converted into GCash just like the Globe load. You can transfer a minimum P2 of your smart load into GCash by selling or transferring credit to others. It is also known as Pasaload. This Pasaload is possible by regular credit and promotion packages.

  1. Pasaload by Regular Credit

Open the mobile phone messaging app and type Pasaload <11-digit mobile number> space <amount> and send it to 808. For example; Pasaload 09584671381 50 and send to 808. Here 09584671381 is the mobile number, and 50 is the amount.

  1. Pasaload by Promotion Packages

Type a message on your mobile messaging app like; Pasaload <11-digit mobile number> space <promo code> and then send it to 808. For example; Pasaload 09845631712 GST50. Here 09845631712 is the mobile number, and GST50 is the promo code.

Some of the promo packages are;

  • GIGA VIDEO 50 (GVD50)

This 3-day package in P50 contains 1 GB for video, 1 GB for other data, and unlimited text to all net.

  • GIGA VIDEO 99 (GVD99)

This 7-day package in P99 contains 1 GB for videos and 2 GB for data.

The video data is worked for YouTube, NBA, iWantCignal Plays etc.

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